REVIEW – Roller Massager Abs



Slimming roller abs and breast Okie Dokie, here s a review on a product I actually haven’t used in a while (I’m really bad at remembering to keep up a routine!) So hopefully now I will remember to use this! I should because I really like this product. Bit weird how I came across it. it was when I was looking for a facial massager and I saw this one that Bubzbeauty (see link on blogroll) was using on her face, but when I realised its supposed to be for your stomach I got a bit put off by the size (it has massive balls! Hahahahaha). I then got the jade roller so it doesn’t go up and down on my face (!) (see review click here).

Anyways got this, dead simple buy just about £6 on eBay, and I started using it, you just basically roll it on your belly. The balls are quite stiff on you so it require some effort. My boyfriend Ryan thinks this is some kind of torture device (poor dear was rolling around yelling on the bed when I did this on him…mwahahaha) as it hurts him, I guess it does put some pressure on your muscles but I find this quite ticklish! I just dread the window cleaner seeing me rolling around on the bed doing this giggling my little head off!

Anyways just doing this for about 10 minutes a day saw quite an improvement! Gives you a flatter more defined stomach! It can also be used on other areas like your breasts and thighs to combat cellulite (not sure what its supposed to do for your breasticles its not like they get cellulite… Ergh… Imagine if they did!) I really liked this and i must leave it out where I can see it otherwise I forget! Must remember to use it (mumbles mantra)

5/5 A Ab product that actually works and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!


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