Enough with JEANS Already!!



Asos Roll up trousers
Okie Dokie heres another post for us long legged girlies, who just aren’t long enough for 36″ length trousers and too long for most high street shops. Now it’s not like theres a huge variety for us, basically most shops give us jeans or black work trousers and I’m sick of it! I get so jealous of shorter girls who wear chinos and peg leg in a rainbow of colours and 34″ legs are just left out of the loop, too short for the Tall section where the range is bigger and girls with 36″ leg have a variety of online stores tailored just to them! I always then get “I wish I had longer legs” Your joking right?!? There is no benefit to having longer legs! Their a pain to shop for but people think you just like jeans, thats why thats all you wear. I’m stuck wearing boring plain jeans (there always plain, never patterned or distressed) so to get around this dilemma you have to get creative.

Roll up trousers are the perfect solution for us! I have used this little cheat since I was about 15 years old, living in a small city wear my only shopping options were a Dorothy Perkins (its a VERY small city). You simply buy a pair of roll ups and just roll them down. Sometimes this will require a bit of re-hemming but thats pretty simple. If your a beginner to sewing just use some wonder-webb and iron it down. Really simple! I have a couple of chino’s now that I have rolled down, as well as other pairs of trousers. Only problem is roll ups tend to go in and out of fashion pretty quickly so stock up now while you got loads of choice!

The picture opposite is from ASOS if you click the picture it will take you to the trousers. I like using their site because they tell you the height of the model and sometime their leg length so you can figure out how much difference there is between the trousers and ankle.

Good luck fellow Legs Elevens!



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