REVIEW – Clarins Beauty Flash Balm



Clarins-Beauty-Flash-BalmOkie Dokie, here’s an old classic that I’m reviewing today the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. I actually lucked out on this one because I didn’t have to buy it (mwhahaha) it was my sisters who got it from her friend at school (sounds well dodgy) and then she gave it to mum who used it, for a bit but I was just house/doggy sitting for her and noticed she didn’t take it on holiday with her (therefore doesn’t use it, she takes A LOT of stuff on holiday… love you mum!) asked if I could have it and voila! Really good actually as there still loads left in it!

Anyways when applying this it says to leave a thin layer on the skin like a mask not to rub it in like a moisturiser. I’m really glad I developed a habit of reading labels otherwise I would of just rubbed it in. (I actually like reading labels, some are quite funny like Aussie products, original source and penguin bars) But then it says it to apply makeup immediately. I did and when I was putting on my BB cream I found the base very wet! It was making my BB cream quite runny so that first application wasn’t that great. The second time I left it on for a few minutes before applying it and it was much better.

For the actual product when you apply it on it does give a nice glow to your skin, its subtle, so if you’re expecting your skin to shine like the sun this won’t do it, but then again I prefer that it’s a softer natural glow. After a minute or two it does give a nice base for the skin, and doesn’t do what a lot of products do where they add loads of shiny stuff to it, that gives it a petrol on the pavement, look on your skin. I found its not a very matte product but foundation and powder on top and it’s covered. It also has a very strong Clarins kind of smell really. I don’t like the smell very much its quite over powering and even once all your makeups on you can still smell it. Phoar!

3/5 Overall I like this product, but I don’t like it enough to spend £27.50 on it. A soft glow is what you’re going to get from this product, no miracles.



4 thoughts on “REVIEW – Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

  1. This beauty balm is soo expensive, it’s ridiculous! I think Lisa Eldridge did a review on this and that it works well for people in their 40s, gives the skin a slight lift! But I wouldn’t buy this as a primer though, I’m counting the pennies these days :p

  2. Meh all that waiting puts me off, in the morning I’m running around like a lunatic so I need my makeup to just sink/blend in instantly. Great review by the way, I loved the way you managed to get your mother to give you this product, there is nothing better than a freebie 🙂

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