REVIEW – Samy Fat Hair



Samy fat HairSamy Fat hair hairspraySamy Fat hair Creme

Anyway I thought “why not” when I saw these, didn’t really want the hairspray but I picked it up anyway (Ryan can use it, he’s always nicking my hairspray). I have to say using a combination of these you Definitely get a lot of volume in your hair! I was pleasantly surprised with these I wasn’t expecting anything much at all from them but their really good!
Pomade 4/5 – I wasn’t expecting this to do anything but weigh down my hair, but I was pleasantly surprised by this! This was the first thing I tried when I got home with the other two, and it really did add a lot of volume to your hair! The only downside to this is its very sticky on your hands so your need to wash them as soon as your done. It can be a bit sticky on your hair for a while but once its dried and settled in it brushes out easily enough.
Hairspray 5/5 – A really good hairspray, Has a lot of hold, adds loads of volume and brushes out dead easy. What more can you ask for? To be honest though it’s the one product I never use unless I’m putting my hair up.
Thickening Creme 3/5 – The first time I put this in my hair, I put too much of the stuff in my hair and I got very annoyed because it became very hard to brush my hair when it was wet and made it very knotty. So remember to use this sparingly! I have used it since using half the amount and it’s absolutely fine on, no knots. Anyways when I dried this I noticed an improvement in volume, but nothing drastic.
So that’s them separately but all together the give your great lasting volume in your hair, with loads of bounce! Will definitely be trying more products from this range!

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