REVIEW – Edom Peeling Gel



Edom Peeling GelOkie Dokie, this is my first exfoliator review, Going through my posts now and trying to fill in the gaps for you guys!

Edom Peeling Gel was something i picked up a few years ago when I was on holiday in Cyprus in a Dead Sea shop. I had used this at my mums house so I was deliberately in search for it. This little products has the double benefits of being quite cool and quite gross (is there anything better? like picking spots, you’re not supposed to enjoy it but you do).

When you use it you wash your face as you do normally and you pick up some of this gel, it’s completely clear with nothing in it so you’re wondering how this is going to exfoliate your skin. Then you rub it in and you start feeling little balls of dead skin build up all over your face, now I know rubbing off all your dead skin in little balls all over your face is supposed to be gross but it feels really nice! Making sure you get it all off your face is a bit annoying because balls of it cling to your hairline but once its all out your left with such super soft skin… its brilliant!

There only one problem… I can’t get it in the UK!!! When you find it online it’s really expensive and the tub is quite small and doesn’t last very long! BOO! Hopefully I will find a product just like it that I can get freely…

3/5 Really good product… just not freely available to the UK


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