REVIEW – GOSH Velvet Touch Creme Primer



Gosh Velvet Touch PrimerOkie Dokie, doing this post because I noticed that although I did a post about a primer I hated I hadn’t done one about one I actually like. So here we are (is that a song?).

This Primer was a bit of an accident. I meant to buy the velvet touch primer but the gel, and didn’t realise until I used it that it was a creme. Oh well. Anyway the bottle is a big bottle so I liked that straight away, not going to be running out ANY time soon, been using it for a while and it still looks full! It was about £14 at Superdrugs so a good price indeed for the amount you get. As I said before I really like this primer and I don’t think i will be changing any time soon, It’s a really soft and smooth on your skin . It provides a great base for makeup, your makeup lasts so much longer with this on, fills in all your lumps and bumps, provides a really matte finish which I like, some primers tends to be a bit shiny which is supposed to brighten your skin. I don’t know about you but bright skin doesn’t translate to me as making my face look like I must have a thin layer of petrol on it.

This primer sinks into the skin very quickly so you can apply your makeup straight away. Great if you’re in a rush. Another thing I noticed is it’s not too wet, you know some products you put on your skin feel really wet and takes ages to dry? This is a nice creme so I think that’s why it doesn’t feel wet. I haven’t tried the gel formula seeing as I got on so well with this one, so I can’t really compare. I suppose it’s the same product but some people don’t like gels? The creme rubs in perfectly clear and has a thumbs up all round.

5/5 Absolutely great primer.


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