REVIEW – Batiste MAHOOSIVE Dry Shampoo



Batiste 400mlOH MY GIDDY AUNT. When I saw these I nearly DIED. This will be a short one today, as i already reviewed Tresemme Dry shampoo and that was my favourite for the only fact that you got more value for your money and Batiste didn’t do bigger cans. Then Batiste not only created the same size can CHEAPER than Tresemme. It created this giant 400ml can of awesomeness, its the biggest thing on my desk its HUGE!! Much bigger than my hairsprays even and its only a Fiver. 50p more than Tresemme’s can and twice as much!!! I got the blush one because I like the smell (and put off my boyfriend using it… no such luck).

5/5 Brilliant!! go buy it now!!!


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