The Search for the Perfect Everyday Lip Product



BenetintMaxfactor Lip Penbenefit-posietintBloom Lip Tint

Revlon.JustBittenLately I have been searching for an everyday lip product. Despite the wide range of products, I found this really difficult (and expensive). To do this I first wanted to rule out Lipsticks. I associate them with nights out and feels too dressy for everyday. I know it sounds a bit ridiculous to rule it out because of that, it just feels too…much. Plus its everyday use, I don’t want to cover every mug and glass (and boyfriend) in lipstick. Also i had to rule out Lipgloss. I don’t know why women wear lip gloss, I don’t know why it exists. It’s a nightmare product! First of all it’s gloopy. Who wants lips with lube on? It’s sticks to everything! Your hair ends up all in there, and if its windy dust and crap and one hilarious time a fly! It’s a nightmare as soon as you step outside. it never ever dries, it feels horrid and guys hate kissing you with it on! THEY HATE IT! I don’t blame them, who wants to snog The Blob? So that was out. That left me balms and tints. Hence why I thought this would be easy…

Anyways let’s get started.

Benefit Benetint/Posietint – I’m lumping these together because it’s the same product just different shades also I’m just reviewing from a LIP perspective on these products not cheeks. I heard really good things about these so I was looking forward to using them. I was disappointed with them actually as a lip tint. On the positive it isn’t a gloopy texture it’s just more of a liquid. It has no smell, but it doesn’t taste very nice either. Also the watery texture means you have to wait a bit for it to dry. Also it tends to go for the driest part of your mouth and stain there without coming off! On the plus side that means brilliant staying power, on the downside it means you have uneven colour. The colours are very good, the Benetint looks very red but comes out a rich pink. Posietint however didn’t even really show up on my lips as I have dark lips.

2/5 Nice shades, but enhances dry lips (even if you didn’t know they were dry) and uneven cover.

Maxfactor Lip Tint Pen – Not going to waste much time on this since it made my 5 worst products list. Just bad, bad bad.

1/5 Horrible, too dark, drying, patchy.

Bloom Lip Tint – Bloom was a brand I tried recently from superdrugs. I can’t say I was too impressed with it and I won’t be buying anymore. This lip tint was £12 when I got it and for the product you get its steep. The packaging is nice and sleek, so I like that. The tint itself. well… it’s not really like a tint. It’s very moisturising for starters which is good the only let down was it doesn’t deposit a lot of colour, it gives the tiniest tint of colour, but you can’t really tell you put it on except your lips look fuller.

3/5 I like that it moisturising and gives fuller lips but doesn’t deposit hardly any colour on your lips. Not really worth the price.

Revlon Just Bitten – Can you believe this is even worse than Maxfactor? I mean hat’s off to them the dears, they tried, they considered that lip tints can highlight dry patches so introduced a lip balm with it. one small problem. the lip balm as soon as you try to apply it to your lips it breaks off. I had prior warning about this I was so gentle, still did it. Rubbish. The colour i got is the one in the picture above but its awful, it doesn’t come out that colour it’s really dark and in minutes it washed off around the lips leaving you with a “put on lipliner but forgot lipstick” look.

0/5 I don’t I given a zero before. Just Bitten? Just Bollocks.


Clarins Instant Smooth Lip Balm – Well as you may have gathered all the others were horrible, and I wouldn’t have done a post if there wasn’t a winner. THIS IS IT. First of all have you seen it? it’s so cool! I got the crystal coral (orange one) and it looks like a sweetie! it smells like one too. This lip balm ADJUSTS to your skin-tone giving you your perfect shade, because it reacts with your lips. Its different on everyone! There’s the Pink and Red one too, I chose the coral though because even though its supposed to give a coral colour it gives me a lovely pink colour, (better than the pink one, that one doesn’t give any colour), also what I love about it is, your’s think being a lip-balm it would come off easily, but as it dries it kind of sets as a lip tint! Except without the dryness!

5/5 Really brilliant! I LOVE this!!

Thats this battle won, but the search continues! (I can’t just stop at one can I?)




One thought on “The Search for the Perfect Everyday Lip Product

  1. My lovely lovely TRE, this is great but can I make a request now? Can you PLEASE stop spending my money? Hahahahahaaaa I’m telling Iain over you! … I need to find a clarins counter now lol 😉 xxxx

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