REVIEW – 17 Nail Xtras Crackle Top Coat


17-nail-xtras-crackle-top-coatOut of my product wish list from last month, I only managed to get the Nail Xtras crackle top coat, which is due to the fact I’m waiting to get a job (nerves). Anyway out of the wish list I decided AGAINST the Estee Lauder idealist illuminator. 1. Its MEGA expensive £50 for the smaller bottle!! 2. Due to the ingredient dimethicone it has been known to cause massive break outs because that ingredients will clog out your pores and give you loads of Whitehead’s. I don’t care how even it will make my skin it won’t mask giant spots.

Anyways now down to what I actually bought, was this nail polish. being a bit unobservant person I did notice it was gold but it didn’t seem to twig that it would dry gold. I mean I like gold, but it doesn’t really suit my skin. Hey ho, despite the fact they could do it in a range of different colours, I really like this! Just bob on your nail varnish and put this on the top and watch it crackle. It looks really cool! the colour you put on underneath is the colour that seeps through the cracks so your nail are gold with (insert colour here) cracks. Only thing I would say about this is you have to remember to apply quite a thin layer to get a very crackly result, putting giant globs on won’t really work. Unlike most crackle nail varnishes this is dead cheap at £3.99 and when you buy two 17 products at boots you get a free nail bar bag, where you get a bright pink and red nail polishes. To be honest there not the best shades but a little crackle could fix it!

5/5 Really cheap. Really good. Really fun!



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