A Simple Hair Lightening Shampoo – How to



Vitamin C TabletsOriginal Source Mint and Tea Tree ShampooOkie dokie this is a simple remedy for those “Oh my god I tried to dye my hair light brown but the bloody thing turned my hair black” moments. It happens to the best of us it’s really not your fault, you followed the exact time the box said and now your hair is way too dark. I’ve been there. Now before you panic and organise emergency hairdresser appointments or god forbid reach for the bleach(!!) or maybe just as bad them god awful hair dye removers. Just remember that hair colour fades FAST. With a bit of help though it can be even faster.

All you need is Vitamin C tablets and a Shampoo aimed for greasy hair. Any vitamin C tablets will do, Just put about 5 Tablets in a bowl use a spoon to crush them into a powder (gobble one if you want their yummy). Add your Shampoo, a good one I use is original source because it really gets your hair clean and its about £1. Another good alternative is a baby shampoo.

Mix  your shampoo and vitamins together, it should be foamy now. Depending on the tablets it will either go very runny, or really foamy. Don’t worry there both good, but the former is just a bit messy. All you do now is lather this up, (give it a good 2 minute scrub) then leave this in for about half an hour (don’t think any longer actually helps it lighten it) then bob in the shower. When you rinse it you should see a lot of dye washing out and just rinse until it runs clear, now condition Blah blah as normal. Thats it when you dry it it’ll be a good 1 or 2 shades lighter. No damage done to your hair. No big expensive hair appointment. No need to FRET. Best thing is you can just keep repeating the process until it’s the shade you want and you don’t even need to have a disaster to do this, just fancy going a bit lighter? Just do this and watch your hair dye wash away….


13 thoughts on “A Simple Hair Lightening Shampoo – How to

  1. Would this work if you want to lighten your natural hair color? There is no due in your hair but you just want to lighten it? Would it work?

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