REVIEW – Lee Stafford Arganoil



Lee Stafford Arganoil Miracle Heat Defence Spray.lee-stafford-boots-beauty-products-argan-oil-50mlOkie dokie sorry for the delay with posts lately been a busy week or so. So first things first the Lee Stafford new range of Arganoil Products. Heres the two I bought last month and have been trying out.

Firstly the newer Miracle Heat Defence Spray, I apologise for the photograph but seeing as online hasn’t seem to have caught on that this product exists and Lee Stafford seems to be slow on updating their website… this will have to do. First as you can see I haven’t used a lot of this product, because I don’t need too. A little goes a long way with this product, and I just spray this on when my hairs wet (I don’t bother on dry hair.) dry it, and my hair is so super soft… it’s brilliant! keep grabbing the ends of my hair and brushing them across my fingers it’s so silky and shiny! A big plus is a lot of products like this would leave my hair looking really greasy but this doesn’t. Do you remember when your mum used to wash your hair as a kid? You didn’t even use conditioner but your hair was soft and shiny? (No? well maybe I do because my mum would annoy me for hours playing with it… how long did she expect me to stay in one spot?) It’s just like that again. Except my mums not trying to plait my hair.

The next one is the Arganoil Serum, which I’ve lost… it’s annoying I knocked it off and it seems to have disappeared, which is irritating because this is not cheap! Although I’m not sure I’ll miss it. You see the other product makes a huge difference to your hair when dry. This doesn’t. in fact it didn’t seem to do anything at all,no softer no shinier, nothing. I paid £12 for this bottle expecting something and it doesn’t do anything really. I just don’t want to waste it and now its gone walkabouts. Pretty annoying.

Miracle Heat Defence Spray 5/5 – lives up to its promises. Won’t look back!

Nourishing Miracle Oil 1/5 – eh.



4 thoughts on “REVIEW – Lee Stafford Arganoil

  1. I was thinking of purchasing the argan oil as it’s the highstreet version of the ones only available in salons (they are sooo expensive!). I am glad that I read your review, I was seriously thinking of buying it as my hair has been really unruly lately, kinks and all sorts (plus I blow dry my hair everyday without using any heat defense stuff….). I thought that buying the argan oil would help once I’ve finished the blow dry and use it on my dry hair, especially on the tips! Anyway, enough of my rambling, think I’d use the spray as it’s probably cheaper and glad that it worked for you 🙂 Great blog btw xxx

  2. Along with the clarins counter that I will be making a beeline too as soon as I can, I may have to take a detour to the Lee Stafford section to get some heat defence, baaad influence… LOVE IT 🙂 xxxxx

  3. lederhosensebastian – God im so rude for leaving this so long, thanks for the comment! yes its brilliant on the tips so soft… Im contemplating “accidently” spraying it on my bf’s hair so i have something soft to stroke… (he’s like a dog)

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