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Diamond-Face-ShapeOkie dokie, here is a post about-face shapes as I haven’t done a post for the advice category for ages, so I decided to do face shapes. Ok a lot of people get confused by what face shape they are and too right as well, as there are now so many out there and it isn’t always clear-cut. First of all don’t rely on what the hairdresser says, their only people and even they can get it wrong, I have had a hairdresser tell me that I have an oval face shape and a warm skin tone before and they are both wrong. I think he just wanted to “warm up” my face as he said, but I’m a cool skin tone and warm hair looks a bit wrong. Also I have a round face, though it doesn’t quite fit using measurements.

Ok first things first, I don’t recommend measuring your face. It’s not going to be exact and its the easiest way to get it wrong.  A good rough guide though is to find a picture of yourself with your hair pulled back on the computer screen and get a piece of paper and trace around your face. That way you can compare your sketch of yourself to these and you can be more objective (because it doesn’t look like you, it just a circle).

I found out the hard way I was a round face Shape, and that is when I got a fringe cut and saw in my sister’s wedding pictures that it looked AWFUL. It takes a cold hard photograph to see what you really look like sometimes, and my face is round and being cut in half made it look FAT. Essentially I was just highlighting the fattest part of my face and it looked so bad. It was also a reddy brown colour that didn’t suit my skin tone. I looked awful and instantly got rid of the fringe as soon as I saw them.

Anyways now to face shapes, I will sat from left to right of the picture above.

Oval Face

Some say the most beautiful face shape as it can pull off any hairstyle, you can go and get any cut and it suits you, it’ gives you unhindered licence to experiment with your hair without consequences, if your neutral skin toned as well you practically won the genome lottery. The Oval face shape is longer than it is wide with and your jaw line is slightly smaller than your forehead, your cheekbones shouldn’t be prominent.

Round Face

Ok round face shapes are about of wide as they are long, your foreheads and jaw are just about all in line with each other, and your cheekbones are the widest on your face. This face shape should avoid fringes as they make your face look rounder, a side fringe will help slim your face and volume at the crown of your hair looks the best on you, avoid curling your ends under around your face otherwise you’re highlighting the face and avoid bobs. This face suits longer hair better. Unfortunately your can’t pull off centre partings because it causes the face to be even rounder, side partings are much more flattering.

Heart Face

Heart shaped faces have a wide forehead and very narrow chin and jaw, and quite prominent cheekbones. This Shape is all about balancing your narrow chin with your forehead, Bobs and longer hairstyles suit you, but if you want cropped hair you will need a longer bit on the nape of your neck to balance you face out but cropped hairstyles should really be avoided. this is the same for tight pony tails and having all the hair off your face, because it can make you look harsh. This face shape should avoid volume as it will highlight your wider forehead and will drown out your delicate chin. On this face choppy layers and side swept hair looks great on you.

Square Face

Square faces should be an easy to spot face shape. If your Jaw, Cheekbones and forehead are all in line with each other with a wide chin, you’re a square. This shape is about adding softness and roundness to your face, so wavy and curly hair look really good on you. Also a light fringe adds softness too, avoid heavy fringes though because you will just squash your face. Poker straight hair is a no, no, I’m afraid. It will just highlight your square face by adding parallel lines. Like a Round face volume at the crown will elongate the face, that teemed with a loose perm would look great on you. On the opposite scale a poker straight bob would look terrible.

Rectangle/Long Face

Basically a long face shape, but it can go one of two ways, either you have a long chin or a high forehead, of course you could have both. A long face shape is almost double the width of the face, hairstyles should be about shortening your face, short hair and bobs suit you as well as the rainbow of fringes out there. You can pull off a heavy fringe where most face shapes can’t. Lots of volume at the sides of your face create fullness but avoid it at the top of your head as it will add height. Like the square curly and wavy hair soften the face but can also add volume to the sides of your face too. Choppy hair and up-do’s with all the hair off your face look good as well. This face shapes should avoid long hair because your elongating your face but on the plus side you can wear a centre parting with great ease.

Pear Face

You get pear-shaped bodies and you get pear-shaped faces too. These have a very narrow forehead and a very wide jaw line. This face shape like the round should avoid fringes, again its highlighting the widest part of your face. On the other hand cropped hair looks very good as its adding volume around the top of your head and balances out the chin. Lots of volume and layers on the top of your hair look great but make sure around your jaw it’s quite thin. Centre parting don’t look good on this face shape and should avoid long hair that’s heavy.

Diamond Face

This extreme face has very prominent cheekbones and narrow forehead and jaw, this face shape should be like the oval but with strong cheekbones. Like the Oval face shape you can get away with any hair style you want, almost everything flatters you and your strong cheekbones but just make sure your hair has fullness at the nape of the neck as so not to lose your chin.

Well that’s all the face shapes, hope your more informed about how your hairstyle should flatter your face!


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