REVIEW – Monkee Genes


MGO1ST-electric-cut-out-backAs promised I am doing a review on tall Jeans!! Now I am a 34″ leg which perhaps is the most annoying leg size ever. Don’t argue with me it is. This is because it’s long enough to make it into the high street shops but have a very limited range. Standard Jeans in various Styles (flare, skinny etc.) or black trousers. Thats it, you see some chinos or coloured trousers you will never get them in your size because the high street then gives up on you. 34″ legs are also too short to make it into the tall range which is 36″ or over and the online stores for tall girls also start there and exclude 34″ which is annoying because your trousers then become a chore. There boring and annoying to try to shop for.

Anyway in my constant search for trousers for us tall but not super tall girls, I came across Monkee Genes, in a Heat magazine when Fearne Cotton was wearing them. Now I normally would have ignored it but it said “unisex Jeans” which got me thinking maybe they would do longer ones… and they do!! Here is the pair I bought and I LOVE them. they are so comfy, it’s so exciting for me I have never had a pair of trousers that weren’t black or denim!! They say they are 33″ but they fit just fine (only need them to go to your ankle anyway so that chops off an inch) They are brilliant, Monkee Genes also provide a student discount so I got them a bit cheaper. This pair cost £60 but the site has a lot of sales, so you can pick up a bargain and there’s a lot of choice!

If you want to visit the store click here


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