REVIEW – Jade Facial Roller


Jade rollerOkie dokie sorry haven’t posted anything for a while it’s been a hectic week and plus I been ill (sob), still ill actually but having a sod it attitude to illness today and got lots of things done (I hate doing nothing it’s so dull).

Anyways today is the day I review my jade roller, I heard about facial rollers but the ones I saw looked deadly, and when I saw this I thought it would be better than a plastic contraption and I was right. Scouring the internet on how to use these, I found that most of these plastic rollers force you to work against rather than for your skin. Let me explain…

This facial roller is made of Jade which is supposed to be very good for your skin extracting toxins from it whilst massaging your face. I found this one on eBay from a UK buyer, but there’s a lot of fakes out there, the best way to spot a fake is if the jade of the roller stops being cool against your skin, jade naturally stays cool for quite a long time. Anyways the reason I bought this is the first place is I have a round face and I was hoping this would tone up my face and stop making it so round.

This tool I use every day and I do like it, I haven’t really noticed if my face isn’t as pudgy anymore but I do like the feel of it against my face and since facial massages are good for blood circulation in the skin and toning the skin so I’m going to stick at it!

Here below is the instructions for how to use a roller, never use the roller in the downward position and don’t go backwards and forwards. Always use it on the face going upwards like the picture below, this is because using the downwards motion actually undoes what you just did going up and it would be pointless using the things.

Jade Roller instructions

4/5 Havent noticed a slimmer face as such great the small roller is great for de-puffing around the eyes!


P.S. if you want to buy this just search jade roller on eBay (Haven’t put the link because you only get about 10 hits and only 1 is from wales)


4 thoughts on “REVIEW – Jade Facial Roller

  1. Hey, thanks for your review, seeing as you reviewed this in the summer and its now Nov, I was wondering if you think that you are getting good results from using the jade? I have heard that it can help prevent/heal blemishes etc around the chin and jaw line and its good for wrinkles… I know you are 23 and dont need to worry about wrinkles but any feedback about this would be good.

    I too have a blog, you might like, its

    All the best and thanks again for your review!

    • Cool I’ll check you out! Yeah I have been using it a while and I have noticed its good for sharpening up your face and de-puffing especially around the eyes, haven’t noticed so much with wrinkles because I don’t have any yet so I don’t know if it’s helping on that front sorry. For blemishes jade is supposed to extract toxins out your skin i find my spots will be kept at bay with this but then sometimes I have to stop using this and let it come out because it’s lurking away red under the skin so if your going to get a spot, your going to get a spot with this, but it won’t be SO bad. I only use mine once a day though (in a morning) I need to use it more really! Hope I helped.

      • Thanks very much Rebecca, I will order one from Ebay and once I have used it for a while (and hopefully seen results) I will let you know what I think of it.

        I am also going to get a Derma roller (the one with needles) and I will let you know what that was like too!

        All the best and have a great weekend!

  2. Interesting. I bought this item on ebay uk: it isn’t jade at all,neither jadeite nor nephrite- but an undisclosed simulant. The “stone” stays cold a certain time but becomes lukewarm relatively quickly if your skin is hot. The large roller doesn’t roll smoothly and often pops out of its fitting, unlike the smaller one. A good thing would be to replace these cheap fake jade with a real stone bead of the same size and find a way to remove it and put it back in place, refrigerating before use for the eyes, say.
    Cheap glass or agate would do.

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