REVIEW – Bloom Cuticle Quencher


bloom-adore-beauty-bath-body-cuticle-quencher-penOkie dokie, first apologies for the picture as the packaging on this item has now been re-done and it is still a brush but a clear tube not a silver one with a silver lid. It’s not hard to find in Superdrugs anyhow.

Now I neglect my nails a lot, but one thing I try to do it moisturise them as decorating my nails seems out of the picture with my line of work (Artworker) which means I’m working with my hands all day, I ruin even the strongest of nail varnishes, so I only put it on if im taking a break, long weekends, holidays etc. I was wandering around Superdrugs a new habit I developed recently. It’s odd, as a teenager before I could afford boots products I used to love superdrugs but switched because I always thought “I can get that in boots and get points”. Superdrugs finally has got their act together and launched a points card which has got me wandering back in. Also I found lots of new ranges not available at Boots and this is one of them.

This was a little expensive at £11, seeing as it’s not a brand I’m familiar with but I’d thought I would try it. I got it home and tried to use it and got very annoyed at how long it took to twist the bottom and get this going and then the amount of product also infuriated me I opened it and the tube is only HALF FULL, BRAND NEW. No wonder they only used to do opaque tubes, I wonder if they should have stuck to them. On the plus side you will be able to see when it runs out… pretty soon, is the answer.

Applied it anyway and it comes out in an odourless gel and you apply it straight to your nails, you can then carry on doing what you were doing until it dries as it doesn’t get in the way. It hydrates straight away and lasts about 24hrs so if you want a drastic improvement it needs doing every day.

2/5 sadly the negative slightly outweigh the positives, will wait for a better brand to make theirs.


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