I Got a Superdrug Points Card!



superdrug-cardOkie dokie there I got a Superdrugs points card! I was really excited when I heard they were doing one because that’s really the big thing that put me off shopping there and preferring boots. I also felt boots had a wider range than their competitors and I only recently started going in for GOSH products and I realised that they have been busy while I been away… there are ranges of everyday products that superdrugs stock that Boots don’t, which really surprised me and new ranges of makeup and styling products.

Anyway I started shopping more, opened a card I spent roughly about £41 and why do I know that off the top of my head? I have 41 points on my card which is roughly 41p. In boots I would have got a voucher from the machine and got at least 400, before that I would have got well over a £1. With a 1% cash back rate it’s as useful as a Tesco card (as in none, their useless. I spent a grand on car insurance, and got back wow a fiver. Thanks. that makes spending that huge lump of money all the better…). As in you have one, you use it all the time, yet you never get any points. Ever. I know it’s new it might get better but I was really disappointed. I mean it’s better than nothing but it doesn’t make me want to shop there for it. It’s a swing and miss for Superdrug..

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