REVIEW – Botanics 3 Minute Deep Conditioning Hair Mask



botanics 3 minute deep conditioning hair mask

Okie dokie, I am a bit of a hoarder when if comes to hair masks. I love hair masks especially quick ones, I mean sometimes I will walk around for an hour with a shower cap on my head but mainly I like ones that you can pop on in the bath and rinse off before the bath makes me sweaty and itchy (why? well I’ll tell you… I’m WEIRD) Anyway this got rave reviews on and I wanted a new one despite having maybe 3 or 4 lying around the bathroom.

I LOVE THIS. It’s not hard to see why there’s such a rave about it. First of all it comes in a massive tub for £5 for the amount you’re getting its pretty damn cheap, then you open it and you can tell immediately its a good product because of how thick it is (the rule with conditioners is the thicker the better) the smell is pleasant not overly perfumed, and smells I dunno, Foody? I know that’s not a word but when you open it is a foody smell. Anyway just wallop this on your head and as soon as you rinse it out you have lovely soft hair that’s no longer dry. It’s really amazing how well this works in the amount of time.

5/5 Brilliant.



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