REVIEW – Veet Supreme Essence In-Shower Hair Removal Cream


veet-in-shower-creamOkie dokie, so I’m normally not a fan of the cream hair removals and settle for old-fashioned blades why? Well its fast and you can do it in the shower. So when I saw this cream I thought it would probably save me time and eliminate the problem I normally have with Veet. You see I’m quite a clumsy person and I will get cream everywhere even when trying to stand very still.

So I get this, it supposedly takes three minutes, I apply it on using a sponge you get with it, not the best thing to put cream on, in my opinion but it did the job. It says leave it on for a minute before going in the shower, it was fine, did this, then got in the shower and read “make sure the cream stays on your skin for 2 minutes. Avoid exposing the cream to direct stream of water within the first two minutes of your shower.” hmm hang on. How on earth are you supposed to avoid direct water in a shower? I’m sure Veet aren’t aware what showers are and I’m lucky that my shower is a bath as well, I’ve been in some showers where you can’t bend your elbows to wash your hair, so how are you avoiding direct water? I mean it’s mainly on your head but where does it run? down your legs and wait a minute, if it only takes three minutes and 1 minute you waited to go in the shower and for first 2 minutes your avoiding water on it, it’s not an in shower cream is it? It’s a normal cream with “shower” slipped in here and there.

Anyway I thought “what the hell?” it’s probably just funny instructions I mean surely they compensated the formula but the instructions are just playing it on the safe side. Nope. As soon as I got in and bearing in mind I don’t have a tiny shower that’s just blasting water on my legs, it’s well above my head aimed at my head, and as soon as you’re in the cream starts to wash off, on one leg over half of it on one side had completely gone, I left it three minutes used the rough side of the sponge and I was left with a right old patchy mess of soft and smooth and hairy beast. So I ended up back to blades doing one job twice and for far too long. I also used most of the tub doing this. The tub is not value for money I’m guessing I got about 2 more applications and its done. Failed on all areas. I’ll not be wasting the bottle but instead I’ll be using it as the traditional formula and washing it off after 3 minutes of stumbling around nowhere near water.

1/5 Not good value, doesn’t do as advertised but works as a normal cream (which I suspect it is) Feel I was totally conned.



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