REVIEW – Tresemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo



Okie dokie so here is one of my favourite and essential products that I cannot cope without! That is of course dry shampoo, now I do not wash my hair everyday as that’s bad for it, plus washing, drying , styling hair seems a bit much when your big plans for the day are a) Nothing b) supermarket c) lounging in your sweats. My hair will become greasy after a day so dry shampoo the very next day after cleaning my hair is necessary and this is one of my favourite products to do that.

First of all Tresemme is a brand that’s a bit hit and miss for me, normally their shampoos and conditioners leave a lot of build up in my hair so I’m not a huge fan. This on the other hand, I like. The leading brand of dry shampoos is Batiste, but the only problem is the cans are so small I’m buying 1 every week (my boyfriend nicks it too). It’s roughly £2 for a can of 150ml and although very effective isn’t very efficient or cost-effective. Tresemme do much bigger cans at 200ml it doesn’t seems a lot but I can tell it lasts much longer, also I always end up buying two at a time because boots always have an offer of Tresemme products although their normally nearer £5 each you can normally pick them up of 2 for £6, so that’s where I end up saving money. Now to the actually cleaning, it is very good spray it doesn’t deposit too much which I think makes it last longer, and also doesn’t leave as much white in the hair as Batiste does. As soon as you rag your head and brush it out your ready to go! Also I find this product gives you a lot of volume in your hair which is pretty helpful to me but if you want to avoid volume and have clean hair Tresemme do a foam, that would suit you.

4/5 Marked down a bit because it is slightly expensive when it’s not on offer!

P.S I am very happy to be informed on my tri weekly walk around Boots that Batiste are now doing big 200ml cans for around £2.50! Who’s a happy chicken? That would be me!

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