REVIEW – Laneige Emulsion and Moisture Cream


Laneige White plus renew emulsionlaneige-water-bank-moisture-cream-50mlOkie dokie dearies, noticed a bit of a gap in my skincare category so since I mentioned these in the post concerning the confusion around these products I decided to review them.

I recently really got into korean skincare ever since I found Skin79 BB creams, and I really like them so I decided to investigate other korean products and I’m’ so glad I did this.  Asia pretty much kicks the western world arse in every technological sense and skincare is no different.

Laneige White Plus Renew Emulsion

OK so first is the pre-moisturiser called emulsion, I actually bought this by accident because I thought it was a moisturiser and when I learnt what it was I thought  “why would I need that?” it does sound like something that could be easily skipped with no real benefits. Emulsions are pre-moisturisers so its the first thing that goes on your face after toner. I had already bought it and I couldn’t be bothered with refunds so I decided I may as well use it. As it turns out I really love this cream, its extremely light and moisturising and in no ways adds any heaviness on your face. The other reason why I love this is because I chose a whitening one, Laneige do a number of different ones so you can decide on which is the best for you but if your fond of a tan this isn’t going to be for you. It is really effective as a whitening cream, it’s really brightened my complexion making more even and my spots lighten quickly. Ever since I started using this as well thought I have noticed that my skin has become so soft, I also apply this on my neck because it’s so light and that’s where I really noticed how soft my skin has become since using it. I really love this it’s a big bottle so I won’t be running out soon but I will definitely repurchase! One slight thing is thats a bit annoying is its light a old ketchup bootle so its really hard to get out! it would be better with a pump application! hope they re-do the packaging on this one!

Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream

This I actually got this as a little trial sized freebie when I bought another Laneige product and I started using this lately because I ran out of moisturiser because mine has stopped selling (thank you VERY much JOHNSON’S!) so I got this until I could decide which one I will buy. Turns out I actually really like this moisturiser, it’s a thick cream that’s light of the skin unlike the emulsion which is a very thin cream. I sometimes have dry skin especially on my forehead and even some UK creams have still left my skin feeling it’s stretching, as a result I have a few dry lines there. I have no problems with this cream and a little goes a long way I only got a 10ml trial size and it’s been going a week now. I really like using it and it also isn’t heavily perfumed which can sting my skin, of course though now I have to buy it!

Emulsion 5/5 a surprising product I didnt know I would even need!

Moisture Cream 5/5 does everything a moistiriser should do without aggravating sensitive skin!

Places to buy.

eBay Trustworthy buyer BigCLothCraft




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