Challenge Accepted – What’s in my Makeup Bag?



Makeup Makeup BagThe Lovely Beauty Synergy recently did a post on what was inside her Makeup Bag and I have decided to take up the challenge to justify whats in my everyday makeup bag. Note “Everyday”, I have another bag full of stuff that I never wear or eyeshadow’s out of circulation…

Ok Clockwise from the MAC palette.

1. MAC Eyeshadow Palette No.2 – Got all the eyeshadow’s you need for quick everyday use. Goes from creams and white and browns to blues and greens. Nice powdery texture good quality shadows.

2.Bobbi Brown Rose Shimmer Brick see review

3. Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner see review

4. No.7 LoosePowder – Really soft mattifying powder sets your makeup nicely, comes in pale shades.

5.MAC Studio Tech Foundation see review

6. Ruby and Millie Eyebrow Powder – Really nice to shape your brows with, wish it came with a brush for it though using an old eyeliner brush at the minute, gives really defined eyebrows.

7. Benefit MoonBeam – Lovely highlighter, I only use it along my cheekbones because I don’t want to seem too shimmery.

8. YSL Touch E’clat – Highlighter great for all over face glow without it being too shiny. great for defining mouth and eyebrows.

9. Collection 2000 Concealer – Really opaque concealer great for covering your spots and dark circles without being cakey.

10. Soap & Glory Eyebrow Pencil – Only use the highlighter end to define the arches of your brow, only underneath though it’s a bit too pink for the top.

11. Eye Lash Curler – Heated. Obvious.

12. Maxfactor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara – Gives nice long eyelashes without spider legs.

13. Urban Decay Eye Primer – Very soft to touch and helps your eyeshadow stay all day.

14. Gosh Velvet Touch Cream Primer – Great primer helps foundation stay all day. Does what it says on the tin.

15. Bloom Lip Tint – A new addition it gives just a hint of colour, very moisturising.

16. Benefit Concealer – More opaque than collection 2000 concealer I use this to cover more stubborn spots.

Phew! OK so Beauty Bloggers I ask YOU Whats in your Makeup Bag?



3 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted – What’s in my Makeup Bag?

  1. lol awesome!! You took the challenge! great job! the future our next challenge..the whole makeup collection! lol or at least just a picture..I think listing out all my products would take wayyyyy too long.
    ❤ Tinna

    • Oh God they won’t even fit on my bed! to take a picture of it all i’m going to have to do it from next doors garden! Hmm maybe upload them in sections… nails, face etc. Funny thing is i recently just had a clear out all rejects are donated to my little sister…

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