REVIEW – Soap & Glory Body Moisturisers



Soap & Glory Butter UpThe Righteous Butter

Soap & Glory GirlingoOkie dokie in a fit and pique of laziness I have decided to review all three body moisturisers I have tried by Soap & Glory at once killing 3 birds with 1 stone like a super ninja.

Moisturiser 1 Butter Up. A body butter that has a sweet almond smell to it, that is not as strong as most Soap & Glory products which I have to say I kind of like about it, and has a really moisturising thick texture and really does wonders for dry skin, however the packaging on this is crap, it should be in a tub because it’s a butter cream and by the time your halfway through it becomes so difficult to get the damn thing out and you end up chucking away about a quarter of it away! Really nice cream but bad packaging.

Moisturiser 2 The Righteous Butter. This cream is not as thick as the last one (swap the packaging maybe?) and has quite a strong perfumed smell that’s traditional with the original products. I however don’t mind the overwhelming smell once it’s on because it dissipates quickly but as soon as I put this on I can’t seem to leave myself alone! (sounds so dirty! haha) Honestly you spend all day stroking your skin with this on because it leaves you so soft, its amazing! I really like this one but I only feel the need to put this on once a week because your skin doesn’t need anymore for a few days with this on.

Moisturiser 3 Girlingo. Ok so the real reason I only use the tub one once a week is when I have a bath i do all the extra long time it takes to moisturise properly because I’m mainly a shower person and a very lazy person I just can’t be bothered spending ten minutes with these tubs, I get product everywhere, I can’t change for a while and in a morning rushing about you don’t have the time. So when I saw this spray I thought it would be a good idea and save time. On the plus side it does save time and has a nice smell but it’s not that moisturising its good for a top up but I can’t spray it anywhere near my chest because I get spots and dry patches so i think it’s working against me there, and this is going in the bin. PANTS

Butter Up – 3/5 too bad about the packaging

The Righteous Butter – 5/5 love it!

Girlingo – 1/5 Poo!


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