Laneige Skincare Routine




Okie dokie I’m publishing this because when it comes to Laneige products there’s a lot of confusion out there. Which ones are moisturisers Etc. Laneige came up with their own names for products and confused people as to their intended order… So I’m clearing it up.

Cleanser – simple enough, we all get that.

Refiner – now that’s your toner right there, I don’t have one as toner really dries out my skin.

Emulsion – here’s something I never used before, it’s a sort of pre- moisturiser so I picked the White plus renew to lighten dark spots and it works a treat.

Essence – that’s your serum, I picked the hydra essence that focuses on moisturising and anti-ageing although when I run out I think I will get the perfect renew.

Moisture cream – that’s your final moisturiser right there I didn’t bother because by now I will just use a really cheap moisturiser because I already got so much working on my face.

Now that’s a day time routine, for night-time Laneige recommend not using emulsion and the moisturiser is replaced with night cream but I still use emulsion, because it’s not too heavy on your skin and it works better at night.


Now Laneige is not found in the Uk so places that stock it online are:
bigclothcraft ebay

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