5 Worst Beauty Products…



Okie dokie I make a lot of reviews about products I like so I decided to be a little mean and do the 5 worst products I ever used, weirdly enough products I hate stay fresh in my memory only for a small while before I forget about it… I lose my temper quite quickly but that shouldn’t affect my memory… Worrying!

1. L’Oreal Foam Hair Dye. Just awful, awful stuff. First of all the colouring really annoyed me off bat, because they don’t do cool shades, and they don’t differentiate between natural and warm either so it’s not very informative, I tried to get a natural shade and it was awful, it went really quite red, it was really patchy and the colour faded really quickly (thank GOD). Load of cack won’t buy again.

2. ANY volumising spray. They are all crap it doesn’t either matter which brand it is anymore they just don’t work, if you want any kind of volume it has to be a mousse. If anything they make my hair flatter.

3. Max Factor Eye liner Pen. OMG rage caused by this product… It’s abysmal. Almost as soon as I opened it it was drying out it was patchy, wouldn’t go on top of eyeshadow… Maybelline’s Eyeliner pen is so much better I had it nearly a year and half still hasn’t dried out and it’s cheaper. Max Factor surely aren’t correcting their hit and miss reputation.

4. Again Max Factor make the list with their Cream Eyeshadow Pens. Their bad really bad… But not at first. When you first apply it it blends together really well, but don’t think you can put eyeshadow on top of it because you will look a patchy mess! Then a hour later you will look in the mirror and all your eyeshadow is stuck in the crease of your eyelid no matter what primer you put on there. I really wished these could have been better but Benefit’s creaseless eyeshadow can’t be beat it seems… Although GOSH eyeshadow sticks are quite a contender.

5. MaxFactor AGAIN! what’s wrong with you?? Maxfactor’s Lip Tint Pen but fortunately for you Revlon has to go here too for the same product. Colour comes off Way too dark on both, no matter the shade, the lip tint comes off in the middle too quickly, Revlon comes off worst because it dries out too fast and the lip balm end rips off the second you open the lid. VERY BAD. Lip Tints are just not meant to be felt tip pens…

So here are my 5 worst hits… What’s YOURS?

5 thoughts on “5 Worst Beauty Products…

  1. Oooo this is a good post! My 5 would be:
    Covergirl Shadowblast, why bother even putting it on, it just rubs right off! Very little pigment. Covergirl Shineblast Lipgloss, oh the smell!! Eechhh! The gloss is tiny and not much shine to speak of either. But the smell!! Garnier Fructis Skincare – just stick to hair, please! Pearly Wipes – I just tried these (wipes for your teeth after you drink coffee) and the taste these put in your mouth is far worse than any coffee breath I have ever known. Like a baking soda, peroxide, peppermint cocktail, gross. Last is really any haircolor besides Feria – I just love the Power Reds and haven’t found any to rival it. 🙂

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