REVIEW – Charles Worthington Front Row Big Hair Sculpting Mousse



Charles Worthington Front Row Sculpting Mousse

Here is a nifty little mousse front Charles Worthington I have to say I didn’t expect much from this product, I find it hard to add volume to my limp hair and most mousse’s don’t do much expect dry out the hair and feel sticky.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this mousse, mainly because the original Charles Worthington range I’m not too impressed with. First of all the packaging is very cute as the label pulls off and leaves you with a floral pattern to look at rather than just another product on the side. Not an especially big worry for most girls but still nice all the same. The product itself is a nice thick mousse, it doesn’t end up runny and going everywhere which I really love about it. It also lasts quite a long time so I’m not buying a bottle every month.

On your hair it doesn’t have a sticky texture at all, although it will feel like that slightly on your hands. I actually find it easier to brush my hair after putting this on and not pulling out all my hair when I brush it. Of course when you really notice the difference is when you dry your hair, it provides really good volume and I actually have to try to flatten my hair with straighteners and as a bonus my hair doesn’t feel crunchy with this on and is still well conditioned.

5/5 Overall I really like this product, also compared to some volumisers I tried (£25 for one once and it did sweet FA) it’s relatively cheap and easy to come across. Especially since most of the time its on 3 for 2 at boots.


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