REVIEW – Bobbi Brown Rose Shimmer Brick




This my dearies is the Bobbi Brown Rose shimmer brick, A blusher block, which holds a highlighter bronzer and 3 different blushers. I been looking for a good blusher for a long time now, the problem is a lot of colours are too.. for lack of a better word opaque. Just a single block of one colour doesn’t look very natural and it can look very flat, so when I heard good things about this blusher I decided to try it out.

I LOVE THIS. I don’t use this as separate colours but a sweep down them al gives your such a natural glowy flush of colour on your cheeks, and it doesn’t deposit too much colour on your brush either so you can build this up nicely and you don’t end up with a sad clown face. The highlighter in the block provides such a glowy finish on your cheeks I cant rave about this enough, I won’t ever go back to my old Blushers again.

Of Course if you wanted to you can just use the colours separately if your just want to use the highlighter or contour your face, the colour stays on your face all day, which is a good thing because sadly this is a very portable blusher, it needs to be laid flat at all times too stop it breaking and the packaging is a bit big to fit in a handbag.

5/5 The perfect blusher.



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