Know Your Colours, Cool, Warm and Neutral



I see a LOT of girls in the UK, who suddenly overnight turned orange and dyed their hair black. The factory who spits out these girls do not care what their colours are and constantly relying on colouring in their skin orange to make it suit them.

You colours should be a basic thing every girl knows about themselves are you warm, cool or neutral skin toned? Not only does this help picking your foundations but also your hair and what colours you can wear.

A simple test to figure this out is looking at your wrist, is it blue, green or a turquoise? (or blue in places and green in places)

I’ll do an example on me.

know your colours, cool, warm neutral   Here you can see that I have blue veins on the inside of my wrist, This shows I’m cool skin toned, if it shows up green your warm if its patchy green in some blue in others your more likely neutral.

Cool Toned

Ok now what does this mean, well cool ladies foundation first because its going to be harder for you to find foundation, especially if your pale. (and you don’t have to be pale to be cool toned look at Oprah Winfrey) The reason its harder is because a lot of foundation on the market are warm toned and have yellow and gold tones in them, which is where you find even pale shades are orange on you because it’s the wrong tone. You need a Foundation that has pink undertones in it, just hold it up next to an orange one to know if your on the right track. The problem here for you is it is going to be more expensive as higher end makeup brands cater to your skin-tone but brands like Rimmel etc just DON’T DO cool toned products. (Speaking of Rimmel it really annoys me when I see them taking cool toned ladies like Lily Cole and Zooey Deschanel and putting on foundation too dark for them and too warm and using them as ADVERTS for their brand. It’s poor marketing and it ticks me off. *End of Rant*). Also before I forget you don’t need to have pink undertones to be cool coloured. How do you look in a flash photo? The flash really brings out people’s undertones you will either look quite pink or basically in my case like a ghost I turn up bright white because my undertones are quite blue (In my fiance graduation photo, a family full of warm toned people, I’m their literally GLOWING white next to them.)

Now for your hair, Now cool toned girls USUALLY have Blue eyes, light blonde/ brown ashy hair. NOT Always for ages I was so confused because I have REALLY warm eyes their caramel brown and my natural hair colour is a really light brown that turned quite blonde in the sun. For ages I tried catering to my eye colour and it didn’t really suit (because there’s a lot more of my skin than my eyes) so cater to your skin colour not your eyes and you will usually find that your eye colour will pop more from contrast.

Always go for an ash or cool hair colour it will sit better on you and flatter your skin-tone and for christ sakes avoid these colours WARM, GOLDEN and RED. This counts double for pink skinned girls if you dye your hair red you WILL LOOK LIKE A TOMATOE. Just stay away. I did warn you. However cool skinned tones can get away with Strawberry blonde hair and the brighter Auburn hairs. Anything darker than that your going to look strange.

Cool Colours, Blues, Greens, Pastels, Silver, Pinks, Light and bright colours always look good. Avoid yellow gold it won’t suit you and can make your skin look dull.

Warm toned 

I envy you warm girls, all the foundation in the world at your disposal to try… *sigh*. It’s so easy for you I could cry… Just avoid pink tones your good to go.

Warm toned girls USUALLY have dark eyes, darker hair and if their blonde it will be a dark blonde. Again there are the many exceptions to this rule it’s what makes all of us unique and there’s no recipes to make a person is there? (God I hope not)

Hair, now well you’re in for a treat, because REDs and Golds sit a treat on your heads, your skin will glow, with your yellow undertones with a golden colour and lacks the pink pigmentation so you can handle the multitude of reds on your hair. Avoid though ASH, COOL tones it will really look strange on you and it will make you look really yellow on your skin and you look a bit like a Simpson. AND for christ sake don’t go platinum. Just imagine an over tanned wrinkly lady with platinum white hair… remember how bad that looks. Remember BENIDORM!

Warms colours, think Autumn you can’t go far wrong Browns, Reds, Golds, Oranges, Yellows. Avoid silver jewellery, yellow gold compliments your skin much more.

Neutral Toned

Well you’re the funny ones aren’t you… bang in the middle could tip either way depending on your fancy, you could go warm of cool depending on how pale you are, so my advice is to just see what suits you best when it comes to foundation, you see it as you can’t pull off either.. see it as your can pull off both! You’re the kind of person who can dye their hair any colour they want and it suits you! You rocked a blonde, brunette, red and went to black and you have people telling you all the time how much it suited you for all them colours. You have a license to experiment and I would take full advantage of that opportunity. All colours are at your disposal you’re not limited by anything, Your exempt from the rules that bind most of us to one set of colours. You Lucky Ducks!

Just remember your colours on the important things like Foundation and Hair, on the rest well mix it up. Don’t be consumed by colours you can’t have or it will cause you to rebel! Rebellion as you know always leads to disaster…


P.S I am saddened today to find I have been getting hits from search engines leading to this post about wrist breaking how to’s and basically tips for suicide. I can’t really help how a person finds me but it leaves me no choice to say : THIS IS NOT A HEALTHY SEARCH. IF YOU COME SEEKING TO DO DAMAGE TO YOURSELF I SUGGEST YOU SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION. Hurting yourself is never a way out of the dark. Please I urge you to discontinue your search for self harm and seek professional help.Depression is a something a person can overcome IF YOU ARE BRAVE. There is no peace to be gained this way. I do not wish any person to come to this site looking for a way to hurt themselves and I hope you appreciate that people CARE about you and your hurting yourself will hurt the ones you love too. Thank you.

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