REVIEW – Clairol Perfect 10 Permanent Hair Dye



Perfect 10 6.5a lightest ash brown

Here is my hair dye review, I prefer to dye my hair at home because I was sick of paying £80 to look  the same as when I went in. Sometime I swear where I live is just full of hairdressers trying to con you for as little work as possible. Getting a trim and charging you a re-style. Giving you highlights and you cant even see them etc. Anyway I just got sick of it! So since I been  brunette I use this brand of hair dye perfect 10.

This product is a 10 minute dye hair, and it definitely deposits a lot of colour, perhaps too much. This is the lightest brown they have in store (looks much darker in the picture, weird) which is the number 6.5A. When I first used this hair colour I left it on for the 10 minutes and it almost dyed my hair BLACK, it was WAY too dark! I spent ages washing my hair and it did lighten up over time, and I tried all the other hair dyes for a light brown and I hated the foams that have just come out so I came back to this, and I only left it on for 5 minutes this time, MUCH better! My hair really drinks up hair colour when I put it on so I only left it on for half the time, massive improvement  it’s actually turned light brown.

The product itself is a gel hair dye, which means you really have to make sure you cover all your hair because it easy to miss it and have a big patch left on your head. The comb I don’t like much because it gets tangled in my hair when there’s hair dye on it so I give up on the comb and just use the pipe.

3/5 Overall seems to be the best of an array of sub-par hair dyes on the market, could be better though and recommended time should be less than 10 minutes.



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