REVIEW – Soap & Glory Knock Your Spots Off



soap and glory knock your spots off

This is Soap and Glory’s knock your spots off, you may not recognise it from stores though because it’s in the men section. Thats right it’s for men, supposed to be a spot cream and also help ingrown hairs. But hey women have been stealing mens products for years.

I have tried their Dr. Spot for women and I prefer this one, I originally bought it for my fiancé and when I ran out of my Dr. spot I borrowed his. I have since then stolen it. Personally I think this is miles better for spots than the female counter part, it actually helps clear them really quickly, most of the time I can’t tell if a spot zapper is working at all because it will take about 4 days to clear. I really like this though because once you and see a lurker starting to appear pop this gel on it and hours later its loads smaller, so it’s really good for getting rid of spots before their a massive hill on your face, and becomes a popular picnic area. It’s also quite good for preventing spots because it doesn’t dry out your skin loads so you can easily use it on problems areas without loads of flakes later in the day.

I’m not sure about how effective it is on ingrown hairs so if anyone knows try it and put it in the comments underneath!

5/5 Really good, love it.


2 thoughts on “REVIEW – Soap & Glory Knock Your Spots Off

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