REVIEW – Skin79 Gold Collection Super+ Beblesh Balm



Skin79 SUPER BB Cream GOLD

Okie Dokie, first of all, I want to give credit to BubzBeauty on YouTube, because if it wasn’t for her bb review I would never have found this product and I strongly recommend you watch her videos, they are simply brilliant, and I love her accent too, sadly I tune out a lot on YouTube if your voice is annoying (sorry!) but I LOVE hers!

Ok, now I can give you my experience for this product. Basically a BB cream, Beblash balm, blemish balm (all the same thing), is something that here in the UK we have NEVER heard of. Which is SCANDALOUS, I know why the beauty industry in the western world may want to keep this quiet because it would seriously damage their sales in make up, skin care, everything because they have nothing like this in the market. And they should move their backsides because this won’t stay quiet for long.

Basically a BB cream is a foundation, whitening cream (I’ll explain, but get Michael Jackson out of your head, *humming Thriller now*), moisturiser, anti-ageing cream and sun protection in one lovely bottle. Their HUGE in asia right now, and it’s not hard to see why.

This here is the Gold collection Super+ BB cream, Skin79 do other BB creams as well targeted for different skin types, this ones more for Anti- ageing, but its also for dry skin as well, so I thought this one would be the best for me. This is the newest addition the ‘super+’ the old packaging is just ‘super’ so if you buy it make sure you’re getting the newer bottle. Now not only is this got a lot of coverage that’s the closest thing I can say to a foundation, but it’s not cakey it looks like its your skin. Weird seeing as it’s only one colour, but it auto-adjusts to your face. You can trust me on that being quite pale it’s not a problem. Now the whitening part, don’t think it’s going to be like these creams that dye your skin, what it does do however is even out your skin tone, lightening the darker patches of your skin, and lightening dark spots. Now what I thought of it…

THIS IS BRILLIANT. I don’t think I have ever had a skin care moment that made me go “Oh my God!” until I tried this, never had a skin care product that saw INSTANT results until this product. It’s just amazing! I have never had my skin look so good! my makeup looks more professional on top of it, my skin looks so flawless when it’s on, it evened out my skin so perfectly I could rave about this forever! Every girl should have this! I just put a small amount on my face and I was like WOW. Now I bet you think it was expensive? £10. Thats it, including PP from Korea and its SO good. The only point is it does give a grey colour, but only when you first put it on it changes to your skin colour. Tiny thing compared to the benefits it gives you I mean it’s just superb, and it’s so GOOD for the skin too. Make up and skin care wrapped into one, Healing the skin whilst giving you flawless coverage. Now you may be attached to your foundations, I know I am really attached to the colouring of my Mac Foundation, so what I do is I put this on first making sure I cover my dark circles (It’s FANTASTIC for that, there’s nothing it can’t do) put a small amount of primer on top of it (make it work harder) then a small amount of foundation on top, and carry on with your normal routine in makeup because it’s so sheer and not heavy it doesn’t look like you have tons of makeup on. Of course you don’t even need foundation on the top most times, I just use it for a touch of Cool colour on my face, today all I’m wearing is BB cream and blush, and I could easily go out in that. Just a fantastic little bottle, really lightened the dark spots I had on my face that I thought would never go, It’s just SO GOOD, you can’t tell when your going to run out though, so I’m buying another bottle so when I run out I won’t be caught without it!

5/5 Best thing a girl could buy, it really, is! Find it on eBay, Go my pretties, buy! Buy! (see what i did there?)


P.s. Here’s a really good seller on eBay as mentioned in comments below. BigClothCraft

6 thoughts on “REVIEW – Skin79 Gold Collection Super+ Beblesh Balm

  1. I love Skin79 BB cream, particularly the Triple Function (hot pink). Glad you found one you liked! Careful about purchasing on Ebay though, there are many fake Skin79 BB creams being sold out there!

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