Hands and Face




Seems obvious right? Thinking what stupid advice is that? It seems obvious, simple and yet how many times it doesn’t even occur to you! Using cleansing wipes is one of these times. If you read my post about hand sanitiser, this my seem like I’m repeating myself.  I am a bit, but it needs saying. I like many people use cleansing wipes on a night to wash my face, but probably unlike most people I don’t ONLY use that.

For months I been waking up in the morning with fresh new spots on my face. No indication the previous day but there when I woke up. Now I am not prone to spots but at the time my skin was having serious breakouts worse than when I was a teenager. And I couldn’t figure it out. I tried switching up my wipes bought, spot targeting facial wash. Didn’t really work. Then I got a habit of washing my hands constantly (I worked in a bakery at the time and I may have got a bit particular about cleanliness) so I always had hand sanitiser on me in my bag. Then I realised where I been slipping up, I had been using the wipes to clean my face, then went about with my moisturising routine with my dirty hands. Rubbing in lotions and potions in my face with hands that were probably last washed HOURS before. Disgusting isn’t it? It’s because I was so concerned about cleaning my face I forgot about what was touching my face. See cleansing wipes are convenience and like all convenience products they’re lazy makers. Making us do things quickly rather than properly. Same goes for food, same goes for skin care. Now I realised this my skin is miles better. Laziness was the only thing holding me back from clear skin so now here’s my new revised nighttime skin care routine.

1. Wash and Sanitise hands.

2. Use a cleansing wipe to get off most of makeup.

3. Use a makeup remover on cotton pad to make sure it’s all off (and it proves how S*** (mind my french) wipes are, they miss so much)

4. I use a liquid cleanser to wipe over my skin as I’m allergic to toner this makes sure my skins squeaky clean.

5. now its ready for your serums and moisturisers and it’s hygienic.

Now it may look like it takes ages, but it really only takes 2 minutes and you can sleep safe and sound you skin now working for you rather than against you. Now the reason I say nighttime routine is because I never use wipes in the morning why? because I can get to the bathroom then. I live in a house full of BATH people, I’m more of a shower person so I get the bathroom all to myself in my morning, but nighttime it’s always occupied by people. If I had a choice I wouldn’t use wipes at all and when I move I won’t. I leave the wipes for my boyfriend to clean his face with then.

So the best advice I can give you is if you have to choose between doing things properly and doing things quickly, well you should know the answer by now. You mum’s told you this often enough. 😉


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