Beauty Counters and Beauty Botherers



Heres my first post for the advice corner! Mostly on here its going to be tales, tales of beauty blunders and hair disasters and hopefully learning something from the whole experience.


So in my long search for a foundation I had been on boots website searching for the palest shade, the best reviewed and best coverage. which for pale people seems to be impossible because you always have to give something up, if you want the perfect colour then the coverage usually wont be right it’ll be too thick or too watery. NIGHTMARE. Anyway I found a foundation by Clarins that said it was instant smooth and the shade online looked quite pale. So I decide to pop to my local store and see for myself if it was the right shade for me, go to the counter where the orangest man I have ever seen bounces up to me asking if I needed help, and I said I was looking for a pale foundation he then gets out all these foundations that aren’t the one I wanted out and starts putting them on my hand saying that’s a match when it’s clearly too dark, and in the confusion of everything I end up walking away with samples of foundation I don’t want, I didn’t end up even SEEING the foundation I went in to look at. So I never went back to that counter again I never bought the foundation. I fell in the trap. Thinking this man, who never met a sun bed he didn’t like tell ME whats the right shade for my skin, I know what the right shade is. Its my skin colour. I forgot at the end of the day he’s a salesman and he is no expert on makeup, all you have to do is look at their make up to know if they know what they’re talking about. Next time despite how rude I my seem I will say I want to look at this one product and that’s it, if I don’t like it I wont buy it. These cosmetic counters are so full of Beauty Botherers, that it makes me angry, I don’t need to be pestered, I don’t need treating like I don’t know the first thing about make up.

So remember you know what works best for you, you know what your looking for, don’t let them convince you to buy products that are wrong for you. At the end of the day, some may have some good advice for you, but remember you have a opinion too and just because it doesn’t agree with them doesn’t mean it’s wrong.


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