REVIEW – Charles Worthington Front-Row Shampoo and Conditioner



Front row shampoo and conditioner

Here is the shampoo and conditioner from the new Charles Worthington range Front-row. I’m doing these together because like earrings you can’t have one without the other. So first things first, shampoo.

This shampoo is a clarifying shampoo that is supposed to get rid of all product build up in your hair and for someone whose hair gets greasy under 24 hours I was keen to try this out. It has a really pleasant smell and a nice clear blue colour and it does clean a real treat a nice rich lather forms it’s really cleans the hair without turning it into a scarecrow mess. Although it only comes in a small bottle so it didn’t last very long (BOO!) so I would love it if they had big bottles, it really did leave the hair squeaky clean but doesn’t do anything against how quickly your hair becomes greasy again (same).

The prep conditioner is a very light formula but doesn’t really do an awful lot it’s not a conditioner that’s leaves you going ‘wow!’ more like  “ehh, not awful”  it is light, it does a minor job of conditioning and it doesn’t leave it too knotty.

Overall prep Shampoo gets a 4/5 (If only you made bigger bottles) and 2/5 for the prep conditioner. But the shampoo is definitely a new addition to my Shampoo circulation.

If you wish to purchase these products you can pick them up at Boots.



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