REVIEW – M.A.C Studio Tech Foundation



mac studio tech foundation

Hello my Lovelies! here is the foundation Studio tech, mac promises with this foundation that it smooths out fine lines, creates an even finish and is easy to blend. Well…
positives first I FINALLY found a colour that blends perfectly with my skin, so now MAC is my new favourite for the colouring it’s just perfect unlike some other brands I tried where the palest was just too dark for me. Just a few negatives it doesn’t quite live up to the promise  of blending easily… it’s actually a bit TOO blend-able it moves around a lot it takes a while to figure out how to make it a line-less finish on your face once you perfect it thought it has excellent coverage on your face, not enough to cover up angry spots but not too thick and  cakey as long as you don’t put too much on your face. For me though I might try the other MAC foundations too see just which is the best fit for me, this foundation is just a tad slippery for me and no amount of perfect primer can stop this from moving around on your face just even a little and it will end up even the finest of lines.

3/5 for me keep practising MAC you’ll get better at this, your colours are top notch!

if you want to buy this you can go to Debenhams or their website.



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