REVIEW – Bassetts Soft & Chewy, Everyday Health Multivitamins


Bassets multivitamins

This pack comes in a nice little box for around £3 at most supermarkets and drugstores, and come with a months worth in it.
As a multivitamin goes it may seem pretty limited containing vitamins A,B2,B5,B6,B12,B9,C,D,E 100%RDA and also Lycopene and Blueberry juice.
I kind of like this because then you’re not relying on this multivit too much and you can’t use it to replace eating properly. I Really love this multivit I have it every day and I have used this for about 2 years now. I like it because its nice and chewy but doesn’t contain any added sugar and has natural colours and flavours in it. It is quite simply DELICIOUS this is by far their best flavour it tastes just like a black-current wine gum. I really can’t stand taking tablets that taste horrid it makes me dread the morning vitamin routine and I cant stand flavoured multi vits that still taste like vitamin. this is perfect for me and an ideal all-rounder multivit.

4/5 Delicious and Nutritious! I hope Bassetts get a wider range of these vitamins!

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