REVIEW – L’oreal Studio Secrets Professional Smooth Resurfacing Primer



l'oreal studio secrets professional resurfacing primer

This primer is the second pot I bought now because I basically forgot what it was like (as you do), this will be the last pot I buy.
First of all it was RAVED about by the reviewers on boots website its cheaper than the normal primer I get so I thought I will try it out. First of all its a little pot, but a little goes a long way with this product, sadly it’s a bit unhygienic because you have to use your fingers in the pot this is where I recommend disinfecting your hands with a hand sanitiser before using it to stop the spread of germs. It goes on really smooth it really does resurface the skin very nicely and its very soft to touch. Then you put foundation on. OH MY GOD it awful! my foundation wouldn’t blend, it wouldn’t set my foundation would be coming off all over the place I could still move concealer around on my face 6 HOURS later! it was like putting foundation over a layer of water that would never dry truly BAD. Quite disappointing really seeing as my foundation worked so much better without this on, so I skipped it today rather than battle with this primer.

This to me gets a 2/5 because it was so smooth on but a real let down as a primer goes, could be used for a day when you skip foundation because it really does even out your skin. If you wish to buy it click here.



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