REVIEW -No Germs Hand Sanitiser



No-Germs hand sanitizerSo this is my first review I was thinking to myself ‘what the HELL do i start with?” do i go negative on my first go? do i go positive? AHH, so I settled on this product because I think it’s a bit of a maverick as products go and I like to do things different.

So this may seem an odd product for my first review so let me explain, I am in no way a crazy clean person I don’t obsessively wash my hands or anything but this is a must have to wash your hands before applying creams on your face. I love convenience facial wipes to wash on a night it’s great for someone who lives in a big house with lots of people and having to fight for the bathroom, anyway I noticed that after washing my face on a night I was getting a lots of breakouts on my face and I realised that even though I was washing my face I was then putting dirty hands all over my face to rub in moisturizer etc. Quite disgusting when you think about it!

Now this is a beauty MUST have! I do love this product its lasts AGES because it dispenses foam which is nice and light on the skin and doesn’t leave a residue which some gels can which leaves your hands sticky. It has a lovely fresh lemon smell which I LOVE (come on who DOESNT like lemons?) It’s alcohol free so much kinder to your skin than some other  sanitizer’s, also a fun fact for you, alcohol free sanitizer is actually great for volumizing your hair on the go, so you just pop this in your bag (keep always for that wet hand moment *shudders*) and if your caught out and your hairs looking pretty flat its great for just a little boost to your hair. This product is great for that because it’s so light its dries very quickly.

overall this is a great product 5/5 and something every girl should have on her.

No Germs Hand Sanitiser can be bought from their own website.



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