REVIEW – Lee Stafford BLow DRy your HAIR FASTER Spray



lee stafford blow dry your hair faster wonder spray

This Spray is a “wonder spray” as claimed by Lee Stafford, its supposed to make your hair dry faster by spraying it on your wet hair and drying it.
First of all I LOVE Lee Stafford products so when my friend put me onto this I had high hopes for it. So does it work? Errrr no. Sadly it does absolutely nothing as far as I can tell and I have used this for about 2 months. This is so disappointing as it doesn’t take me too long a time to dry my hair but I do have quite thick hair so anything that promises to speed up the process was welcomed, but it didn’t deliver. On the positive  it doesn’t do anything further damage to your hair but that’s because it’s not doing anything except be in your hair, so next time just skip this and reduce the build up in your hair.

Overall I give this 1/5 and it only got a point because it didn’t damage my hair.

If you want to try this anyway, see it it works better for you you can buy it in any boots store.


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